semester 2 - specialisation

In the second semester we dived into the different phases of the garment production with the aim to bring a new product to the market. Beginning with concept, followed by the collection and the tech pack as well as  a sample and ending with the logisitcs I stabalised my basic knowledge to comprehend the processes of the fashion industry.


Brand understanding to build up a strong vision and mission for a brand extension.  Comprehending the market as well as the costumer to find a suitable niche for a new product.


Creating a full 2D collection with Illustrator cc and communicating the brand extension's collection in a book.

tech pack /sample

Actulisation of the 2D Design into a 3D sample concerning the industrial norms. Communicating the workflow as well as the garment details' to make it ready for production.

financial Advise / Logistics

Establishing a complete range plan via Excel and understanding the supply chain of a certain item in terms of decision making and connected enviroinmental impact.


Basic knowledge for the different fabric properties as well as the circular approach of a certain fabric.