style research

Trend forecasting is one of the key elements of the fashion industry. The analysis, observations and translations, which are needed to create a concept, are the fundament of every fashion collection. It is necessary to understand the people their behaviour, their needs and their current style to develop a forecast.

Drowning in times of rush we need to learn how to breathe underwater.

obseravation  research

Analysing the north of Amsterdam included a lot of time spending there to get an original insight in the peoples' life and the atmosphere of the neighbourhood.  I concentrated on elements, which could be important for the resulting style concept, such as religion, architecture, economy, culture, history and traditions.


The translation from existing elements to modern and more abstract images was on once side the most difficult but also the most important step during the project.

It was highly essential to find communicative and contemporary pictures with a wide diversity to set the fundament of the style concept.


I was discovering the world of Adobe Photoshop 2017 cc to create my style concept. The layers helped me to combine original photographs from the neighbourhood with contemporary translation images. The detailed analysis were a great benefit to communicate my trend forecasting ideas  with visual