It is just a t-shirt, next week the design will be different. Is this how the clothing production works in the reality?

I thought the way to produce a piece of clothing like a t-shirt would be very simple and would not need a lot of effort. During the second project, prototype, I have realised how many steps are in between an idea und an actual piece of clothing. I got the chance to experience this process and was in the end able to hold my own first prototype in my hands.

A prototype is the key for a successful and efficient work but to create the perfect look [luk] everything must be measured and planned exactly.


We got to know the technique of gathering and pleating. On the first sight it seemed to be out-dated but the more we were working with this technique the more we realised how often it is used.

We discovered that a lot of well-known designers even use it in the latest collections.


This project combined different aspects, basically the aim was to create and produce a personal prototype. Therefor you needed to learn and train sewing skills as well as technical drawing.

We interpreted our own ideas in relation to a chosen sort of work or sportswear. In my case I was inspired by the workwear of astronauts.

Next to those very practical learning aims we dealt with different fabrics to expand your knowledge concerning various structures, the impact on the environment and people. Moreover we got to know the disparate characteristics.



The most exciting and fulfilling part was when your ideas and hard work really became alive. You could use what you have learned during the sewing classes and just bring your ideas to an end. I realised how important it was to measure and sew exactly because it otherwise became too small or big very easily.