inspiration book

During working on the inspiration book opened my eyes to look [luk] more carefully at my surrounding. I discovered the power of images and learned how to create strong and expressive combinations. The way to my end product was not always easy but I am excited to keep working with the new learned ability to analyse and to select images, articles and other sorts of inspirations.

Everything we need is there; we just have to look [luk] at it.


To discover the full variety of sources I dived into the world of print-magazines, which seemed to be forgotten. I discovered new artists, inspiring innovations and found out more about the background and ideas of contemporary topics such as feminism, gender equality, climate change and technology.

decision -making

After four weeks of collecting and selecting materials, articles and images I started building groups. It was amazing to see how everything suddenly worked together and made sense.

The content of my inspiration book with the title "Depersonalized ID" was structured in three themes "Reduction" of genders in their natural shapes and associations, "Anonymity" of people in society nowadays, primarily concerning the use of digital media and last but not least the "Visual illusion" of innovation with which we are confronted in the future.


The process of creating the inspiration book was hard work, the first time I was forced to expand my horizon and capture my ideas. It was inspiring, exhausting and nevertheless beautiful and a vital experience.  Sharing ideas and looking at other peoples' inspiration book shoed that everybody associates different things with the word inspiration, which makes clear how personal inspiration is. This project made me think more sensible and open my eyes to a world, a world which literally lays in front of us waiting to be seen, to inspire us in creating something new.

Taking everything in consideration it is time to overthink processes to be able to go back to the message we initially want to tell and find ourselves in our eddying times.