south east asia

I travelled trough South East Asia for three month. We explored different cultures, people, climates, traditions, religion and especially the food was completely different to what we used to know. 

Our journey included stops in Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, George Town, Melaka, Singapore, Kuta, Cangue and Dubai.


Iceland impressed myself by its amazing nature. It is possible to calm down and experience the environment in its original way. I felt often limited to the space the European countries offer and Iceland created a special feeling of freedom. Moreover in times of climate changes my journey through Iceland made clear how important it is to care more about nature and the way we treat it. As the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry worldwide there are a lot of grievances but also opportunities to be innovative and creative to change.

miami, united states of america

In Miami I realised that not every city a real heritage. The feeling you get being in Miami is completely different to the European city atmosphere. Everything seems to be newer, roads are wider and the houses are not side on side. Even I thought Miami could be described with a similar mentality and culture I was surprised how different it actually was.

panama city

Panama city is the centre of clashes. The clash of modernity and heritage. The clash of poverty and  wealth. The clash of tourism and native South Americans.

During my journey I realised that even a city can be controversial and full of opposites. Taking a closer look [luk] it was possible to see different layers and various shapes combined in one image.